The "Kirschmonster"

The "Kirschmonster" (cherry monster) has its own story: It lives very close to our costume factory under the ground and cares for Hagens beautiful cherry blossoms. But that is not all: It even has its own den where it regularly invites children to celebrate their birthdays together. Find out more about the Kirschmonster at and!

Mascot Tilly

This cuddly and vital little monster "Tilly" was first shown at the well-known "2012 Unesco Charity Gala" in Dusseldorf (Germany). Especially the mobility of the separate head and the living eyes give character to this striking green mascot. "Tilly" was designed by the customer and will furthermore "work" for the UNESCO from now on.

Trolli Trollbert

The TUI Cruises company ordered an exact realisation of their blueprint for "Trolli Trollbert". With Trolli Trollbert on board, the cruise can start!


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This is the costume "Tollbienchen" for 2014's gardening show in Zülpich.


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JAKO-O, the very successful online store for childrens needs ordered two of this beautiful replicates of their company logo. A real eyecatcher!

Gustav Sparfroh

This funny motley cock was crafted for the Wohnungsgenossenschaft Frohe Zukunft in Halle. Since 2011, this sweet eye-catcher is part of the real-estate game.


Ewi is the mascot of the recreation centers of the German Post, the Postbank and Telekom. This mascot was created following a sketch and is washable at 30 degrees! A place in the sun!


Brinkabella, the ultimate eyecatcher of the bakery "Bäckerei Brinkhege". She is completely held in the colours of the company, gives away flyers and probational rolls and is definitely not possible to disregard her! more pictures

Willi Wiesental

Willi Wiesental for the Musikzug Wiesental from Hagen aTW. This traditional club from here definitely knows what people want! ...Willi Wiesental became a very cute and unique costume!

Delino for Deli Reform

The margarine "Deli Reform" hostet a mini world cup during the FIFA world cup. For this proposal, Stefanie Ludwig's costume workshop was charged to create the costume "Delino" which can be worn in two ways.

On the one hand, one can see the person inside the costume and the "Deli Reform" logo and on the other hand the costume hides the wearer and has a funny face.

This costume was a new challenge for Stefanie Ludwig's costume workshop, but the needs of the client could only be satisfied by creating a "two sided" costume.

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Here we have the new advertisers of the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!

An aristocratic rose gull and a pirate-raven wearing a striped chemise.

With their clear and shiny colours, they will attract more and more tourists to this wonderful state in the future.

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MSV Duisburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach

Stefanie Ludwig's costume workshop created this two extremely tough mascots for the german football clubs "MSV Duisburg" and "Borussia Mönchengladbach".

Since then, the zebra and the foal "Jünter" are in heavy-duty!

They are thrown over... They run around the field... Never mind! These two costumes are designed to handle these kinds of stress.

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Coffee and Cappuccino

Top reproductions of famous products of the "Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH", Hamburg.

The reason to create them was the companies' centenary.

World Cup 2006 mascots

Here they are: the true winners of the FIFA World Cup 2006.

Stefanie Ludwig's costume workshop created them as alternative to the official mascot "Goleo".

They made it up to page 20 of the "Playboy" magazine in march 2006. True story!

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Since the flower-pot on the logo of the flower-wholesale "Nord-Westblume" came to life, it is on his journey through the flower-world and attracts attention to itself.

A likeable little pot with outlook through its' "shrubs"

kangaroo "Nordi"

Even big shopping centres need a face representing them: Here we have the mascot "Nordi" with lots of space for purchases in its pouch. It jumps through the consumption temple and brings joy to young and old.

owl for "ZF Lemförde"

With a big party, the "ZF- Lemförder Metallwaren" celebrate their yearly anniversary. On this occasion, the company ordered their logo - the owl - as a mascot.

tiger "Lacki"

The tiger "Lacki" was created for the "Lackiererei Kießling" in southern Germany.

With 2.2meters height and its' hellacious colours, "Lacki" is unmistakeable and a very favoured motif on every event!


Stefanie Ludwig's costume workshop created a very impressive mascot made from sateen and organza. It gleams yellow and shows logos of the winter garden company Solarlux.


Here we have the promotion-costume for the anise-flavoured spirit absinthe, the "Absinthfee". With her glaring red hair and the garish green dress she treks through the pubs and gives away trade samples.


"Katschi" is the mascot of the ski-region around the Katschberg in Austria. This costume is very convenient and weatherproof.

"Silly Billy"

"Silly Billy" is the mascot of the Silly Billy "Playhouse". He welcomes children and shows them his colourfull play-world!


Not only banks in Switzerland need mascots! Even vacation spots want to attract the tourists on a funny and entertaining way. Here one can see the mascot "Goldi".

"Noldi" for the Schweizer Kantonalbank

Here we have the mascot "Noldi" of the Schweizer Kantonalbank.


Lexi is the sweet mascot of the new elementary school books from the Duden Verlag.

Coco Loco

Coco Loco is the friendly monkey that entertains the children in the eponymous children amusement park.

Captain Cap

This is the ultraspeed mascot for the hockey team "Vienna Capitals", a puck with flames.

a bestseller: the bowling pin

Our bestseller: A top costume from our workshop. The colors, logos and details can be ordered individually. A really comfortable costume and a must-have for every bowling center!

Speedi Rapidi

This is Speedi Rapidi, the mascot of the austrian soccer-team Rapid Wien. 2003 it was voted the worlds best mascot. In 2005 it was also rewarded to be the most popular mascot in the whole austrian national league.

Max and Maxi

A children amusement-park near Magdeburg ordered this two funny mascots.

Frog for „Verkehrsverbund Ostelbe“

This mascot was made for the „Verkehrsverbund Ostelbe“, like they ordered it. The shoes are open underneath, so the wearer can ride rollerblades.