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Stefanie Ludwig honored by mayor

Due to the award Stefanie Ludwig received, the township of Hagen a.T.W. honored her with a very special reception with an honorary certificate, a medal and other presents.

On the picture from the left: Ralf Zumstrull, Peter Gausmann (the cherry blossom town's mayor), the cherry queen Marie-Louise Herkenhoff, me, economic promoter Jenny Menkhaus, Slowfoods representative Dr. Edgar Klinger and Paul-Ludwig Buller of the tourist association of Hagen a.T.W.


Press release

Stefanie Ludwig bei der Verleihung mit Uwe Hübner
Stefanie Ludwig und das Kirschmonster mit der Auszeichnung

On Friday, October 19th, the German arts award "Artist of the year 2012" was presented in Filderstadt, Stuttgart.

For her costumes that she created in her own workshop in Hagen a.T.W. since 1993, Stefanie Ludwig was given a special award.

The complete press release can be read here (German).

(Source pictures: Gedu-Verlag)

Donation marathon with TV-Inspector

Three appointments and 18,800 collected Euros for the good cause. TV-inspector Max Ballauf (Tatort, ARD) collected for the charity initiative "Wir starten gleich!". In the picture on the right is Stefanie Ludwig (also member of Wirtschaftsjunioren Osnabrück / Osnabrück e.V.).


-- Read the complete press release here (German).

Witschaftsjunioren Osnabrück

Chamber of Crafts winner Maria Röhrig

... now it is official: our workshop's trainees indeed do very well in comparison with others. The Chamber of Crafts awarded our trainee Maria Röhrig as the best alteration tailor in 2011. She really deserved it!

Maria and Viktor doing a foto shoot with Eva-Maria Hagen

Early in 2008 the two mascots Maria and Viktor were invited to a public reading of "Eine Reise durchs Abenteuerland" by Eva-Maria Hagen. She read all of the 13 exciting stories. Visit her website by clicking the picture!

After searching the best ride, we finally found and bought a red bus. We designed and worked 24/7 and created a 12 meters long, plushy, mysterious playground for children!

The "Kirschmonster" is born!

Just check this out:

Article in the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" on August 28th, 2003