This nasty guy is an extremely mean and conniving businessman who wants to tear down all the play areas at “Jesperhus Ferienpark” in Mors (Denmark) and turn them into car parks. Due to his shapely, stocky-looking body, he appears physically the same for every actor. This is excellent for recognition.

With the help of the children and his jungle friends, “meatball cook Dellekaj” tries to drive him away. The theme of the amusement park is based on the Danish animated series “Hugo, the Jungle Animal” and the attractions and shows are gradually being added to this theme. The children love to chase “Mr. Bad” and drive him out of the park.

Of course, he still turns up again and again … and he’s not sooo bad, he keeps getting important business calls on his inconspicuous mobile phone – from mummy … and has a lot of other complexes too. But on the other hand he has got a full load of new friends.

A few summers ago he became world famous because Google had blocked his videos for smoking a cloth cigar in children’s films. It didn’t hurt his fame in any way! His cigar has now been visibly locked in a glass case on a red velvet cushion. You can guess who keeps nervously trying to get around the smoking ban in the park … but unsuccessfully.