“We’d like an egg, with a face!”

That’s how it started when Geflügelhof Schönecke from Neu Wulmstorf asked us for a mascot. After a visit to our workshop, it was clear that we were free in the design. So Stefanie Ludwig designed the egg “Eggbert”, with a very special hairstyle: the nest hairstyle. A very special character was already emerging there during the design, a fat, veteran chicken. Someone has to give Eggbert some advice…unfortunately Eggbert usually insists that this comfortable bird dresses to match his outfit, well, the chicken is not really happy with that. It has already had to wear both a Christmas suit and an Easter suit. Nevertheless, the chicken doesn’t leave Eggbert’s side, after all, it lives on his head and can let him carry it around the weekly markets and to all kinds of events. How practical for an old chicken!