Crunchy, nibbly, crunchy … delicious!

Hardly any real chocolate products look as realistic as these excellent sublimation prints, which we also processed three-dimensionally. We constantly had chocolate cravings during the production, but we couldn’t satisfy them by taking a big bite out of the foam objects.

Extremely coordinated work regarding the printed covers, the views, the proportions and installation angles of the 3D objects was required here. Even if it looks simple, a highly complex and very demanding construction work with amazing details, highest functionality for the wearers and extremely robust components. These object costumes survive an eternally long period of use and can also be set up as a display without a carrier, as they are completely self-supporting.

Even a promoter travelling alone has the best all-round view, as the sides also have a viewing window and the same applies to these costumes: the more movement, the more air flows through the entire costume.