We’re boarding the ship! … but only with brushed teeth, because Paul, the adventurous little tooth pirate of VR Bank Donau-Mindel, loves voyages of discovery – and milk teeth!

For every milk tooth handed in, € 5 will be credited. In this regard, however, please no fighting, hihi…So Paul never actually needs to use his wooden sword (to be honest, it’s made of fabric). It is much more important that he takes good care of the golden buttons on his waistcoat. No one else has these buttons except Paul the toothpirate.

His toothbrush is easier to find if he ever loses it because it has his name on it. Paul has sprung directly from the enchanting graphic artist Lisa Stacknick and has already delighted many fans, young and old.

He is not alone, though, because his best friend is Nina Nutcracker, an extremely lovable squirrel lady.