As a new, excellently playable, much lighter and danceable new edition of the popular park mascot “Stronkeltje”, we realised this funny and extremely colourful tree “Stronkeltje 2.0” for the Speelpark Oud Valkeveen according to a customer design.

It has two different trousers, each adjustable in height for different sized wearers, four “inhabitants” (three butterflies and one caterpillar) as well as funny bobbing branches with over a hundred hand-painted bright green leaves. One pair of trousers shows a landscape with a blue sky and is held by a belt with a golden “S” buckle. The other pair of trousers is a striped swimsuit with a drawstring. The view in the body merges so much with the costume through many airbrushed effects that it almost disappears in the overall picture.

The supporting characters also contribute to the general amusement: the fat caterpillar with a pink nose and the three very childishly designed and slightly desperate looking butterflies. They are probably surprised that they have been drawn and built absolutely biologically incorrectly… All in all, a really exciting type.

According to the customer, not a mascot but a work of art. Thank you!