To reinforce this wonderful Swiss children’s musical group, we once again made a new, funny character based on a design by illustrator Stefan Frey.

In fact, there are two reindeer in one, “Rudolph” and “Blitzen”. Besides the challenge of putting this elaborate costume construction on 4 legs, creating a safe riding seat for a child and accommodating both characters in one head (convertible!), there were numerous other tasks:

The jingle wreath should be silent on stage, but still be able to “jingle” for promotional purposes. For this, we developed an interesting “on/off” function using a magnetic construction.

Rudolph’s nose should be red and glow. The replaceable light can be switched on by pressing the button.

In addition, the red nose for “Fräulein Blitzen” should be removable, as she has a bright white one instead, plus insertable eyelashes for “Fräulein Blitzen” and the antler bow for her girly look.

We were able to wave goodbye to our reindeer in the car, as she was picked up personally from Switzerland. You couldn’t wish for a nicer job in the pre-Christmas season!